Le parc des 4 saisons The ‘département de Corrèze’ is located in the green region of the Limousin. Corrèze is a region with a lot of nature and sun offering an endless variety of sceneries: green forests, wild water, deep lakes, wide moors, lots of orchards, very old chestnut-trees and rivers with trout…

Le parc des 4 saisons Corrèze is the place to be for nature fans and offers you everything when you hear the name of ‘France’: silence, shimmering heath, villages that look already the same for more than 100 years, virgin nature, an abundance of fauna and flora, chirring crickets around noon time and the sunset with a nice glass of wine… Corrèze not only benefits an extraordinary microclimate but there also a lot you simply can’t miss! w

Le parc des 4 saisons It’s warm and sunny but not barren, on the contrary, Corrèze is very green and abloom. It’s an uncultivated region with a lot of opportunities: the abundant cultural history, plenty of touristic curiosities inviting you for a visit and the beautiful wild life. Due to its central site you are able to explore a huge variety on sceneries and cultures. Corrèze is known as real paradise for strollers as well. The paths will bring you over slightly sloping hills and meadows. The overpowering perfumes of fresh herbs and the chirring crickets will bring you in the real French atmosphere.

Le parc des 4 saisons The rivers Dordogne and Corrèze, the streams and the lakes in the area are ideal for water sport lovers. There’s a lot to do: strolling, cycling, mountain biking, swimming, going down the Dordogne or the Corrèze by kayak, canyoning (aqua rando)… Enough choice! You can rent a bike or bring your own bike and explore the beautiful nature of Corrèze. In this area you can also go for a horse ride or play a game of tennis.


Le parc des 4 saisons Le parc des 4 saisons Le parc des 4 saisons Le parc des 4 saisons
Le parc des 4 saisons Le parc des 4 saisons Le parc des 4 saisons

To do in Corrèze